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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Gibraltar resident buys a plot of land - on the moon!

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A Gibraltar resident has purchased a plot of land - in the moon!

He is businessman Prakash Radhakishen, who has a certificate where his name is recorded as the true and legal owner of the property located at Mare Frigoris.

The Lunar registry tells him:

Your land claim to property on the moon is a legal document.

Proud Owner

The Lunar Registry Customer Care team adds:

"You are now the proud owner of property on the Moon from the Lunar Registry, the exclusively licensed land claim sales agency of the Lunar Republic Society."

Included in his documents package is a digital photograph of the property showing the exact location of his property tract.

"This highly detailed photograph from the Lunar Orbiter database includes all the features located in the region of your tract, and is helpful in pinpointing your property, whether you are viewing it through a telescope or visiting in person," he is told.


The registered deed includes the exact location including latitude and longitude. "Your property record is permanently recorded by the International Lunar Lands Registry in its annual publication, which is copyrighted and deposited in the United States Library of Congress and with international patent and trademark offices, including the United Kingdom (UK Patent Office)...," he is told.

Property claims on Luna may be offered to private entities in order to finance the exploration, settlement and development of the Moon and its resources. They make a great original gift!

Click here to buy land on the Moon from The Lunar Registry!


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